The cat eye, pin up eye, or whatever you decide to call it, it's very known for decades and it's completly wearable for any ocasion. On the runaways, on the red carpet, and for common people like us use it too in our days. There are more than one type of cat eye, depending how much you force the eyeliner and the shape you make.

In my opinion, the cat eye should be the most valorized thing when it comes to eye make up. Believe it or not, it can accentuate your eyes and create different illusions: bigger or smaller eyes, give a more "awake" look to them, and much more. It only depends on the type of cat eye you choose.


Small Eyes: Hello partner (I also have small eyes)! To make the illusion of having more bigger eyes, make a long and thin trace with the eyeliner. It's classy, but casual.

Big Eyes: If you have big eyes, then don't be scared if you don't want to use the cat eye. Most of all types look great, even the thin ones. The perfect one is to imitate more the pin up look, the thick ones.

Droopy Eyes: If that's you case, then the cat eye it's the perfect solution. Try to applicate on the outside corner only in the half of the eyes.

Almond Eyes: Any girl desires of having an almond shape of the eyes, that's what the make up tries to copy! Any type of trace can enhance them, that's why you're so lucky!

And that's all! Tell me if I helped you or if the type of eyes you have, 'till then I'll stop here with some looks you can use. Kisses <3









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